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Felice Café, Our Business of Choice
Love, Laughter and a Whole Lotta Coffee!



After many years of long searching for the Perfect program with an Awesome product and Great timing we were introduced to 

Felice Café!
Love, Laughter and Coffee!

Here is some info from the Felice.Café website:

"Listen to the 7 Reasons YOU Should Join
Felice Café"




Robert & Sheri Blackman, Top Distributors, Consultants, Authors & Owners of Profit Leads, Inc., a lead generation company designed specifically for Network Marketers, are proud to announce the opening of Felice Café, a unique Network Marketing Company.

What makes them so unique?

With a combined 62 years of experience in the field as distributors & 18 years as the owners of Profit Leads, Robert & Sheri bring a unique combination of talent and experience on both sides of the isle!

Says Sheri: As former distributors ourselves, we know what it’s like to struggle with contacting both your warm market and your cold market.

Our philosophy will be twofold:

  1. It's easier to get a customer than a distributor. And, in this "new" retail environment in our profession, we are creating a ground-breaking concept that everyone that joins is a customer first. They don’t become a distributor until they distribute something! Our distributors will be called "Café Connectors", and we will be teaching them how to connect both locally and nationally with coffee drinkers and entrepreneurs with our phone app and coffee sample system.
  2. Building a business is nothing more than finding and developing leadership. We will lead by example by offering free training in each Connector’s back office and making live phone calls to prospects each week, so members get to see us build the business firsthand. We will take a “show me, don’t snow me” approach with Felice Café.


Says Robert: “With over 95% of all distributors being part-time, it’s our belief that most compensation plans are stacked against them. They are in a full-time business model that does not reward them for their part-time efforts. At Felice Café our bonus structure will be “Compressed Uni-Level”. Our goal is to help every part-time Connector to not only break-even quickly, but to make a few hundred or even few thousand dollars a month without having to build a large organization.”

Highlights of the program are:

  • Owners have 62 years of combined Network Marketing Experience.
  • Everyone is a customer first, then once you refer another customer you become a distributor or what we call a “Café Connector”.
  • An App on your phone that you can pre-pay for samples to be mailed out to your prospects to sample the coffee first.
  • Three tier fast start bonus of 40/10/5 to incentivize you and your team to acquire new customers every month.
  • Our Pay Plan is a Compressed Three level Uni-Level of 5/40/10 to help you get in the profit quickly without having to build a huge organization.
  • Our Pay Plan is a Compressed Three level Uni-Level of 5/40/10 to help you get in the profit quickly without having to build a huge organization.
  • Generational bonus starting at level four that pays down four different generations for long term income as your group grows.
  • Potential of earning $660 a month with just 20 customers at 100cv (4 who get 4 concept of what we call a Group of 20).
  • Customers and Café Connectors pay the same price.
  • Distributor Bill of Rights. Felice Café embraces your independent contractor status of having multiple streams of income and being in more than one Network Marketing company at once.
  • Lead generation system where you can purchase or get rewarded leads and customers from your efforts.

  • Felice Café is going to be the Best Side Hustle in the market place and that is why we here at Simple TEAM Café have teamed up with Robert and Sheri Blackman and Felice Café!

With Coffee as our product of choice it becomes one of the Easiest product lines to share with anyone AND your Family and Friends. Do You Know Anyone that drinks Coffee? ? ?  Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the World and only second to Water so it's a Great conversation starter and Super Easy to share. Felice Café will have a "Sample" system that includes an app that you can have samples sent straight to your prospect or purchase samples from the back office to handout and share with Everyone You know. Simple! That's our motto! And Felice Café is making it very Simple to Share Your coffee product. PLUS, Everyone is a Customer First! Then if they want to get involved in the business all they have to do is sign up a customer too and now they are a distributor, or "Café Connector" as they call it. NO Expensive packs to buy or heavy enrollment fees, just purchase some coffee and get started. 

Felice Café is starting with One Simle coffee product. The "AM" version that is a Nootropic infused Functional Beverage with All Natural ingredients that help release Dophamine, Seratonin and Endorphines in your body that make you Feel GREAT and improve your mental clarity. Plus all natural Weight Loss ingredients that help you shed those extra pounds while curbing your desire for fats and junk food. Wow, Loose Weight and Feel Great! Everyone is going to want some of that!

The Felice Café business opportunity has an Awesome Compensation plan that Truly works for the little guy or the heavy hitter. Paying out 55% on the first three levels and paying Generational Bonuses after that, this program will put money in your pocket fast and continue to pay a residual income as we Grow this Simple TEAM Café group. You can see the Comp Plan pages by clicking on the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab on the top left of the site.


Felice Café is Going to be an Awesome
TEAM Build for all of us here at Simple TEAM Café! 


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