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Who-is Dean and Dena

Who-is Dean and Dena Harbin?


This page is to give you some information about Who We Are and Where we have come from.

We currently live close to Austin, Texas. Austin is located right in the Heart of Texas and is right in the center of everything that Texas has to offer. After living in small town America for the last 20 years we finally retired and moved to Austin to be around our daughters and grandchildren.

Dena and I are in our mid 50's and have been married for 39 years now. As High School Sweethearts we have found that friendship is the Greatest asset of any marriage. We have been great friends for many years and lean on that to maintain a successful relationship.

We have two Beautiful daughters and five Lovely grandchildren that occupy much of our time. We enjoy spending lots of time together as a family and love to have everyone over for BBQ every chance we get.

We have been involved in Home business for over 20 years. We have had many business failures along the way and spent a ton of money learning what works and doesn't work. We have tried almost every business model out there and spent many hours banging our head against the wall trying to figure out why we just couldn't seem to pull it together.

After years of exhaustive research and trial and effort we finally figured out that Success comes from duplication. This is why there is such a high rate of failure in the home business industry today. Most programs are Not truly duplicateable. I know they try to be, but most programs ask the common everyday person to exercise highly skilled task to make their home business a success.

Here's what I mean, To be successful with the average home business you have to be an excellent marketer, top notch salesman with killer closing abilities, and your expected to learn all this on your own. Most programs fill you full of hype, get you signed up, and throw you to the wolves with no prior experience at marketing a home business. Then they wonder why you didn't stick around and make some money.

 So, what is it we are doing that might be of interest to you? We have spent many years studying the home business industry and exposing ourselves to many different ways of generating cash. We have learned many lessons along the way and we are now experiencing the fruits of our labor. Our years of experience have taught us that it takes a Team effort with support, tools and training to be Successful. People have to have the ALL the tools necessary to get their business up and running right off the bat. They need the support and training to learn how to use these tools and leadership to get them off to a great start. You can not do it by yourself. It's Team Work that Makes the Dream Work! It's like being part of the family and working one on one with people to lift them up to Success. It's about having the right mentor to show you the way and hold you by the hand until you get there. That is what this Home Based Business is all about. It's about relationships and caring and helping one another out. A Successful business is one that makes their associates successful. An organization that is duplicated, for not only you, but for everyone that wants to be part of the family.


Come on, Join us! We are having a blast living the lifestyle that our strategies afford us. We can teach you to do the same. It's not about the fancy cars or homes; It's about the freedom of lifestyle.



Anyway..... We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to our team. Remember, we only work with those that are teachable and committed to success. Do you really have what it takes to be successful? Do you really want to be part of the family, part of the team? Don't go it alone! Want our help?

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Dean and Dena

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