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Over the years we have looked at and worked with many different Network Marketing businesses and different compensation plans. Often, the company will offer a great product, that people will buy, but they have such a complicated comp plan that it makes it very difficult to earn a real full-time income trying to jump through all the hoops and tricks to earn money. Even more challenging is when the company is Great but the product just can't carry the opportunity. We have seen many times where the company is solid and the comp plan is good but the product leaves you wondering how the heck they stay in business. It's a vicious cycle for sure but years of research, trial and error and a "Never Quit" attitude have led us to the business we work with today.


Our #1 Income Earning Program!

We have chosen to work with, and promote a company called Celljetics! Celljetics is a play on the common words "Cellular Genetics" or "Celljetics.

"Celljetics creates High-Quality Nutraceutical formulas by combing Potent, Researched and Validated ingredients." 

It has taken several years, about 5 years actually, and lots of trial and error to finally find a business that was Solid and has the Experience to excel in the Network Marketing arena. One with ownership that relates and listens to the Independent Brand Partners in the field, steering the company in a positive, energized direction. A company that has an Awesome, consumable product that gets results and creates customers and business partners. A product that people will order regardless of the opportunity. And a product that people order again and again because they feel better and love the health benefits they are experiencing. Health and Wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry and more and more people are very aware of their need for nutrition these days. The search to find a product that can carry the business has been an exhausting search but we have found the perfect products available from Celljetics.



Our Featured Celljetics product is the Visceral Plus (Visceral+) Weight Management Formula.

Do You Ever Get this Feeling? ? ? 


Visceral+™ is a dietary supplement to be taken in conjunction with eating a healthy diet to help support appetite control and reduce abdominal fat accumulation.
This weight wellness formula includes special plant-based ingredients: White Kidney Bean, African Mango, Berberine, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinnamon Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder, along with Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Chromium, and BioPerine® to help with absorption.Here is some additional information about the Celljetics products from the Celljetics website.

Human Fat

The Difference in Fat

Fat in the body is used to store energy, but not all fats are equal.

Visceral fat is a type of body fat that’s stored within the abdominal cavity packed between vital organs (stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.). It can also build up in the arteries and is sometimes referred to as “active fat” because it can actively increase the risk of serious health problems.

If you have some belly fat, that’s not necessarily visceral fat. Belly fat can also be subcutaneous fat, stored just under the skin. Fat in the lower body, as in thighs and buttocks, is subcutaneous.

"Why is visceral fat worse than subcutaneous fat?" April 25, 2016 University of Illinois at Chicago.

The findings from the above, are published in the journal Nature Communications, stating all body fat is not created equal in terms of associated health risks. Visceral fat is strongly linked to metabolic disease and insulin resistance, and an increased risk of death, even for people who have a normal body mass index. Subcutaneous fat doesn't carry the same risks -- some subcutaneous fat may even be protective.

BUT, Celljetics Visceral Plus is not another "weight loss" product loaded down with stimulants and caffeine that cause jitters and shakes, it's a Complete "Weight Wellness Program" that actually attacks the visceral fat we all carry in the tummy area and it includes natural plant based ingredients. And, Celljetics wants to meet You where You are at with your weight loss needs by offering a "Good, Better or BEST" product option for your desired results. NOT just a weight loss product but a "Weight Wellness Program" that offers a step by step plan to help You loose the weight You need to loose and maintain a high level of "Wellness" in the process.



If dieting and reducing calories means you are reducing your nutrient intake, we feel it is important to add dietary supplements to your diet. Celljetics creates high-quality nutraceutical formulas to support cellular health and energy. Our formulas are a convenient and effective way to help support your daily nutritional requirements.*

Below are three programs (Good, Better, Best) to help with your health and weight management goals.

You can start with just Visceral+ to help support your appetite and reduction of calories.*  It is a standalone product to use along with eating a healthy diet.  You take 2 veggie capsules daily with water, preferably 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to your two largest meals.



By adding two boxes of Protime Plus, you will have 28 delicious 20g protein snacks to supplement your diet.  Each pack contains high quality grass fed whey proteins, milk proteins, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, plus natural nootropic ingredients to support your brain and body.*  As a dietary supplement, add to 8 oz. of water. Stir, mix or blend.



Our "Accelerated Weight Wellness" program is not only the BEST program, it's the best value too!  It is on sale for just $129 plus free shipping (regular price $188.85).  It contains Visceral+, Protime Plus, and Cellvida.  Cellvida is a liquid nutraceutical supplement that provides superior absorption over hard to swallow pills.  Drinking just one ounce daily provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and antioxidants to support cellular health and energy.*  You drink 1 oz. daily.  May be mixed with water or juice.

Click Here to review the Celljetics Visceral+ fact sheet 

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Celljetics also offers other Great products that help with fighting free radicals, improve your sports performance, increase Nitric Oxide and many health benefits through superior nutrition! Please review all the products below and You will see why YOU need to join us with Celljetics and the Simple TEAM!

Here is some additional information about the Celljetics products from the Celljetics website.

Cellvida™ is a liquid nutraceutical supplement that provides superior absorption over hard to swallow pills. It contains no artificial flavors or colors.It’s all natural berry taste is derived from 9,000 mg of whole fruits and berry extracts.Drinking just 1 oz. daily provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and antioxidants to support cellular health and energy.*“It is of Spanish origin and the meaning of Vida is Life.”  Click here for the Cellvida fact sheet


FreeRadPro™ contains validated ingredients to support glutathione levels and mitochondria function. Just as the name suggests, this unique formula combines potent ingredients and smart complexes to provide superior free radical protection.* Click here for the FreeRadPro fact sheet

Cellformance™ is a unique formula that combines potent and validated ingredients to support increased levels of mitochondrial ATP and Nitric Oxide.  It also includes natural nootropics and adaptogens to support cognitive function.* Whether you are looking for athletic performance and strength in the gym, or you just want the many health benefits of these three powerful complexes, then you’ll want to make Cellformance™ your go-to daily supplement.*  Click here for the Cellformance fact sheet. 

Protime Plus™ unique formula contains:
✔ Time-Released Four-Protein Complex
✔ Grass Fed Whey Concentrate / Isolate
✔ BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids
✔ MCT Oil and Digestive Enzymes
✔ Nootropics Cognitive Complex
Click here for the Protime Plus fact sheet.

The Celljetics products are Awesome, the company is solid, so what about the comp plan? The Team at Celljetics headed by the owner Todd King are experienced, in the field, marketers and leaders that got frustrated with the status quo and decided to create a system that is Fair and Profitable to us in the field. Todd's experience as a top earner and leader in the field have guided him to create a system that has great products and a lucrative compensation plan. Mainly, he wanted his system to be FAIR and not filled with back room deals, buy in positions and all the crazy back end crap that most company owners pull. Here, let's let him tell you a little about his vision of Celljetics. Watch this short video below. 



Todd King and his lovely wife Angela have created a company based on Experience and Fairness. Working many years in the Network Marketing field have given them the experience and knowledge to build a company and system that works for the average Networker in the field and not just the big dogs at the top. Advantages, not disadvantages are the reasoning behind the Celljetics philosophy. 

Celljetics is also an industry leader in creating a compensation plan that puts MONEY in your pocket. Todd's main objective was to create a compensation plan that eliminates all the hurdles and obstacles that are so common in most companies comp plans. No tricks or gotchas, just an honest and lucrative plan that works for anyone willing to put forth some effort and share an Awesome product. A plan that has front end income like Fast Start Bonus, great residual income in the monthly compensation and also long term bonuses for those willing to work hard stick to the plan. The Celljetics comp plan is also based on a "Forced Matrix" that is a 3X7 structure. This means you can only have 3 people on your first level, 9 on the second, and so on to 7 levels deep. Then Todd added a "Waiting Room" for any new Independent Brand Partners you sign up. This allows us as leaders to "Place" each new member under our active Team members and truly HELP our Team Grow. So everyone we sign up goes into the "Waiting Room" until we place them in our Team structure. This is an AMAZING Team building tool. At Simple TEAM we teach the "Power of 3" to Everyone. All you need to do as a new Partner in this business is just find 3 people that want to work the business with you, then help them find 3. That's All You Need to DO! Just 3 gets you started to True Residual Income with Celljetics. True Residual income is the whole concept behind building a great company and awesome product. This comp plan is "Simple, Easy and Fun"!  Just 5 direct, active Team members, and you can go all the way to "Crown Diamond" in this comp plan. No hoops to jump through, no tricks to rank up, no secret gotchas to keep you from earning, just share the product and create the volume and YOU GET PAID! And the best part is that we, as a TEAM, help you to build Your Team! Everyone we sign up has to go under someone on our TEAM so we look for Active, Motivated Team members that are working their Celljetics business and place new people under them. That Could be, and Should be, YOU! Let us Help YOU build YOUR business with our Massive TEAM Build!

So, to review the Celljetics Opportunity:
Solid company with Great Leadership
Unique, In Demand, High Quality Products
Massive Opportunity in the Nutrition, Weight Loss, Diet and Wellness market
Great Opportunity for TEAM Build with Simple TEAM!
Forced Matrix and Waiting Room for new members

Products ship Quickly and On Time, Everytime!
Commissions paid via debit card or straight to your bank account
Weekly Team Calls and presentations
FREE to Join! ! ! Just buy a product or two and Your In!
And of course, You get to work with Dean and Dena! ! ! !


What are You waiting for? ? ? ? Get Started TODAY!



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