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Our Winning Strategy
Success is a Process and this is How You Win the Game!



So, How do you Win in the Network Marketing arena? It takes an Exact Strategy and game plan. Success can Not be left to chance, it has to be approached with a game plan that can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Through many years of studying the Marketing process and different companies we have learned that to be Successful you have to have a plan. You have to lay out this plan where someone thinking of joining your team knows you have a process that will help them achieve Success if they put forth the effort. Too often we see so many people join a new program, So Excited to get going, only to find out their sponsor has No plan of action. No system or process that is going to get this new person trained and started on the path to Success.

Our Winning Strategy is different! See, we have a plan and a process that lays out Exactly what you need to get started and moving along your journey to Success. We have all the parts of the puzzle for You to achieve Massive Success.

Here are the "parts of the puzzle" that we believe that You Must Have to Succeed.

1. A Great Team that supports you, trains you, works with you and brings ALL the tools, training and support to help get you started and moving forward. It is Not by coincidence that we feel this is definitely #1 on the list. We have realized from many years of experience that the "TEAM" environment is one of the most Important aspects of Success because it can determine if you can, and will, plug in and get going. If all you had to do is find a company to join you could do that is about 30 seconds with a Google search and get started. But it is the Culture and the Team Environment that really gets people motivated and moving forward with tools and training that Actually works. That is EXACTLY what we offer with our Simple Team. 

2. You need a Great program and product to promote and we Highly recommend joining a Great program with a Great Team. You need a program that has Great ownership and Awesome products . One that PAYS it's members and offers a good product that is in High demand. We have searched for many years to find the absolute best opportunity to bring to this TEAM and help our members build. We actually work with a couple of True Marketers that run the company and have established themselves as Industry Leaders. See we also realize that different people come from different situations and not every prospect is willing, or able to join like others on the TEAM. We meet you where YOU are, not expecting you to join us as best for us, but as Best for YOU and your situation!. We got the programs that can make you residual, long lasting income as well as up front commissions to help fund your endeavor. Remember, we're not here for the fun of it, we're here to make Money and Improve our life and the life of others around us. It's a Beautiful thing!

3. You need a "System" that will help you take your great product and opportunity to the masses. A System that has capture pages, sales pages, built in presentations and all the follow up to drip info on your prospects. But this "System" has to be Simple to use and understand so we take it one step further and offer Team sites and training so you can just plug in your personal info and get started right away! We don't want you to have to take the time and effort to develop your own webpages and marketing funnels, unless you are experienced and can do this yourself. We provide all the tools and funnel systems to get your new business up and running in just days, not weeks or months. AND we provide weekly training and support for this "System"! Ongoing Support, Training and a marketing funnel system that is working for us and will work for you, just plug in and get to work.  

4. Once You join our Simple Team you will get access to all the tools and systems you need to get your new business up and running ASAP. Now that you have your marketing funnels and program set up, all you need is some Traffic! You can have all the fancy websites in the world but they don't create income unless you can put your offer in front of eager buyers ready to respond to your offer. Traffic is one of the Most Important parts of this puzzle and we have tried ALL types of traffic and advertising mediums to get human eyeballs on your offer. We only recommend Traffic systems that WORK! We test all the time to find the most effective forms of getting traffic to your site so you don't have to waste your money experimenting on stuff that doesn't work. You NEED Traffic and we bring you the Best! And how about LEADS? we got that too, we have set up with one of the best lead companies around and purchase "Phone Interviewed Leads" on a large scale each month then make these leads available to members of our TEAM. 

5. We set you up with a Great program, the systems you need to promote with and help you get the traffic and new prospects in front of your offer so they can make an informed, intelligent decision about joining YOU in this business. Now you need ongoing training and support to help keep you going when you really need it. But we also bring you webinars, presentations and training for YOUR TEAM! That is the biggest advantage you have when joining the Simple Team. We are here and doing the work so all you have to do is plug Your Prospects and New Team members straight into the "System". The TEAM environment and Culture is exactly what you need to Succeed and we Bring IT! Simple Team even has it's own Team Training site that walks you from Step 1 to every step you need to create Massive Success with our TEAM. Step by Step is the only process that works and works Well! We even have swag you can get to help spread the word about Your new Velovita business. From hats, shirts, stickers, flags, tumblers and ALL kinds of swag to help promote the Culture that you will experience with our TEAM! The Simple Team.

6. Our offer starts with a FREE Sample of the product and Everyone starts as a Customer. To become a "distributor" all you do is pay a small yearly membership dues of only $49 and that gets you the "VCloud" back office and website suite. Our tools and systems show Everyone how to get started in Their business and You building your TEAM right away. Our Mission is to help the Average Family make an extra $500 to $1,000 per month and it is Truly Possible with our help. Nothing makes us Prouder than watching our TEAM SUCCEED! We offer Solutions to everyone's struggles in the Network Marketing business. It's time for You to let us Help YOU SUCCEED!  

We Live by this motto:
Health, Wealth and Happiness!




So, we got the goods on the perfect opportunity Just for YOU!

We all know it takes a Plan and a System to get our presentation in front of interested prospects. You need a plan that walks you through the steps necessary to get you started and up and running fast. We have developed a TEAM based training system that does just that. Starting with step one we walk you through the mental game of winning with Network Marketing and being accountable for your results. We take you step by step through the daily activities that create Success and make sure you are on the right path from day one. We teach the marketing skills that you need to build a large and dynamic Team that produces results and makes you Money! We offer this Team training to anyone in our personal downline and make it available to you and your team to create success. Step by Step is the only way!

Don't join someone that doesn't have a plan for Success. Success is an Exact science and not to be left to guess work. We have spent years and thousands of dollars perfecting this system and plan to get you up and running in no time. We also provide live webinars to bring your guest to, or you can send them to a recorded webinar so they can watch at their convenience. We have TEAM calls and LOTS of support for You and Your TEAM to tune into. We have an enormous video library that can answer just about any question your prospect can ask. And we do all this Just for YOU! Our Success comes from making sure You are Successful. We will match your level of commitment by 100%. If you are just somewhat committed you will get somewhat attention from us but if you are on Fire and Committed to Success we will stand with you 110% to make sure you create Massive Success with our TEAM. It's really up to you and we are certainly here to help.

We researched and joined many different companies to learn just what the back-end story was and how their products performed before we finally created the last Opportunity you will ever need to be a part of. The products we promote are exclusive and powerful with instant results. The comp plan we offer is second to none and creates income for the little guy as well as the Team Builder. We have a training system that walks you step by step and a marketing system that does all the heavy lifting, sifting and sorting for you. We have Everything you need, the only thing we need is YOU! This is "Our Winning Strategy" and You should get plugged in Right Away! Today!

Join a TEAM that is as Serious as You are about Success. Join a TEAM that has a plan and all the training to get you started. Join a TEAM that does all the webinars, meetings and continued training for YOUR Team. Join us Today at Simple TEAM! 

Marketers Helping Marketers! That's our Strategy and we have the process down to a science. We just need YOU!

Please reach out to us via email, Facebook or whatever it takes to connect. We want to Help Everyone Succeed and we are her to Help You start Your Journey NOW!

Can't wait to meet YOU ALL!

Spreadin the Love,
Dean and Dena


p.s. If you want details on programs and our Simple TEAM, the system we use to promote and related cost, you can click here for more details or visit the "Team Lovit" TEAM site and get info on the products, the company Velovita and the Awesome TEAM we are working hand in hand with.